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  • 2018年德国慕尼黑电子展会
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    • Nov 2018-electronica 2018 Fair
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    • Nov 2018 - Flex Plus at electronica 2018 Fair in Munich, Germany.

      Hall: B1

      Booth: 379-6

      Date: 13-16, Nov 2018

      Flex Plus attended the electronica 208 Fair on 13-16, Nov 2018. During the 4 days event which is held every 2 years, many our business partners visited us. We highly appreciated their valuable comments and discussed new projects in the near future face to face. Meanwhile, a lot of potential customers from Europe visited our booth and discussed in details about our company and products. With many thanks for all the customers’ trust and  cooperation intention, we will make continuous effort to provide our customers with best products and service, as well as create more value for them.










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